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AOI Logical Design Phase Detail


AOI Logical Design Objective

To completely document every project requirement, functionality, cost, implementation time, and secure authorization to advance to the AOI Physical Design Phase!

AOI Logical Design Deliverable

The AOI Logical Design Deliverable defines every requirement and desired functionality. Further more, each bit of functionality is quoted in terms of time and cost.

AOI Logical Design Scenario

The AOI Logical Design Schedule typically involves many communications over the course of several weeks or months and includes the documentation of every business object and service required of the application. In addition, this phase includes defining interfaces, business object dependencies, and the refining and validation of the logical design itself. Once the AOI Logical Design Deliverable is stable enough to call complete, this marks the baseline of the project. The baseline defines exactly what the Baseline or version 1.0 of the application is to provide.

AOI Logical Design Contract Issues

Intellectual, copyright and patent issues must be addressed, as this is the heart of the application.

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