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AOI Physical Design Phase Detail
AOI Physical Design Objective

To create world class client-specific database-centric business solutions, long lasting client relationships and earn the rite to advance into the AOI Enhance Phase or AOI Service Phase!

AOI Physical Design Deliverable

This deliverable includes writing code for forms and reports and more importantly setting the database table structure, relationships and indexes. Creating a normalized referentially integrent database structure is absolutely vital to the successful implementation of every database-centric solution!

AOI Physical Design Scenario

The database structure, security, replication and graphical user interface requirement is achieved according to the AOI Logical Design, delivered according to the AOI Physical Design Schedule and priced according to the AOI Pricing Model.

AOI Physical Design Contract Issues

The physical design is where the real programming begins and so, too, the real contract issues. Ownership issues must be addressed before this section is initiated.

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