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AOI Scope Objective

To successfully define the project scope and secure authorization to advance to the AOI Proof of Concept Phase or AOI Logical Design Phase!

AOI Scope Deliverable

The AOI Scope Deliverable consists of several disparate documents totaling 20-200 pages. The scope phase ideally builds upon the AOI Initial Look Phase and further defines every project requirement (field, table, form, report, and business rule) including implementation time and cost schedules.

AOI Scope Scenario

The AOI Scope Deliverable is usually defined over 1-10 weeks of communications between the client and AOI . This phase deliverable defines basic functionality, implementation time and cost goals. This scope documents serves as work in process documentation and a communication vehicle between the client and AOI.

Ideally this deliverable is defined in greater detail as the project advances. However, this phase may be employed to quickly determine rough costs for budget planning purposes. The AOI Scope Schedule is used to record the scope tasks and their associated costs.

AOI Scope Contract Issues

This phase is relatively short and 'technically' only an early planning stage. Thus, the contract issues associated with this step are typically limited to pricing and confidentiality agreements. Although contract issues related to ownership, patent and copyright may be addressed.

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