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The architect and the carpenter

A single architect may design a warehouse a month, but a single carpenter can't build a warehouse a month! The architect and the carpenter have different skill sets and are paid at different rates. Towards that end, data warehouse construction also requires different skills, which in-turn prerequisite different pay rates. The combination of these different rates results in a blending effect. This blending has an averaging effect of 95-125 per hour when averaged over the complete development life cycle of a typical solution!

Design/Construction Pricing Matrix

Rate Description Hourly Rate
Formatting Web Pages and Forms 35 - 55
ASP, DHTML, HTML, IIS Apps., SQL, VB, VBA 95 - 125
Consulting - COM, DCOM, COM+, Data base Design, Normalization, N-Tier Development, Replication 125 - 150

Long Term Support with Contract

Service Hourly Rate
Telephone Scheduled 85-125 
Telephone Unscheduled 95 - 125 
On-Site 95 - 150 

  Short Term Support No Contract

Service Hourly Rate
Telephone Scheduled 95 - 150
Telephone Unscheduled 125 - 150 
On site 125 - 150 

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