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AOI Pricing Model Objective Structure and Flexibility!

To accurately and aggressively price client specific database-centric functionality using a deliverable-based pricing methodology!

AOI Pricing Structure

Accuracy and aggressiveness is derived from the following four components!
1) AOI Logical Design   Details every project requirement!
2) AOI Physical Design Schedule   Details the pace of implementation!
3) AOI Pricing Variables   Factors resource needs!
4) AOI Pricing Matrix   Details the rate structure!
Deliverable-Based Philosophy

Think Deliverable!

Rather than obsess on hourly rate, obsess on functionality and total investment! In the end, when the project is implemented, you negotiated for and invested in functionality not hourly rate! Hourly rate can easily become convoluted in a deliverable-based environment, as illustrated below!

Hours Dollars/Hour Investment Functionality Given equal functionality, the preferred business decision would favor the quicker implementation scenario!
1000 10 10,000 XYZ Report
100 100 10,000 XYZ Report

The AOI Implementation Model is truly deliverable-based as each phase is a deliverable taking the form of either documentation or code/functionality. The AOI Logical Design Phase is the heart of this deliverable-based model because it documents every business service, field, table, query, form, report, and custom utility scheduled for implementation. The logical design also quotes physical implementation time and cost. This minimizes risk!

Example, during the AOI Logical Design Phase every requirement, business-rules and user interface for the XYZ Report is completely documented to include the the AOI Physical Design Schedule illustrated below!

Desired Functionality Plan Start Plan End Actual Start Actual End Plan Cost Actual Cost
XYZ Report 01/01/01 01/01/01 - - $675.00 -

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