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AOI Database Integration Services

AOI satisfies all your custom relational database integration needs including dynamic internet database integration. Internet database integration is a great way to dynamically and selectively disseminate customer information.  Internet database integration and cross-application database integration is achieved through (COM, DCOM, COM+) programming components!

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Database integration enables a link to legacy data

[Bullet] Use database integration to merge disparate systems due to acquisition

[Bullet] Internet database integration increases data dissemination with regard to data accuracy and speed


[Bullet] .NET / Access / SQL / Oracle database integration

[Bullet] COM, DCOM, COM+, N-tier database integration and development

[Bullet] Microsoft Windows NT, BackOffice, Visual InterDev, IIS, E-Commerce

[Bullet] MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) database integration with VB / J++ / C++

[Bullet] Database integration interface development utilizing ASP, HTML, DHTML and XML

[Bullet] Achieve database integration dynamically over the internet with any ODBC compliant database

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