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AOI Database Project Management Services

One company can not solve every database issue; however, through proper database project management one company can manage the successful conclusion to every database issue. Towards that end, AOI's database project management model includes working with several spheres of influence including hardware, software and Internet Service Providers.  AOI can manage a diverse database project management environment involving an array of internal and external resources.  AOI will openly work with your in-house staff and other resources to achieve the quickest most successful database project implementation possible!

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Multi-perspective database project management implementation experience

[Bullet] Database project management documentation to include implementation time and cost

[Bullet] Coordination of all database project management functions including resource allocation time and cost


[Bullet] Comprehensive database needs analysis and database design modeling

[Bullet] Database project management experience from conception through testing

[Bullet] GUI design time scheduling and database project management timeline development

[Bullet] Database project management to include database normalization and N-Tier architecture design

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