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AOI Mission World class .NET solutions!

To manage the successful implementation of world-class .NET , client-specific, database-centric business solutions beginning with database design, documentation and creation through implementation, training and support!

AOI Approach

It is not our intention to tell you how to do business, but help enable you to do it better by designing and implementing open .NET database solutions that will inherently work with your specific information and data warehouse goals.

AOI Specialty Conceptual Design!

We specialize in database design, .NET integration and consultation. Our custom designed database-centric .NET business solutions often involve various peripheral, workflow automation, and Internet integration technology. Microsoft's SQL Server and/or Access database is often found at the heart of these custom database solutions. In addition, these custom database solutions are often closely integrated with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), Exchange Server and/or Outlook.

AOI Analysis

We will honestly evaluate your current database information or data warehouse model and help you create or modify that database model if required. AOI will apply the best technology to achieve the most successful implementation of your specific database solution. AOI is truly independent and willing to customize and openly integrate with any ODBC compliant database product to save both time and money!

AOI Methodology

We see ourselves as .NET  data warehouse consultants rather than just database programmers because we work closely with our clients to design, document and implement custom database-centric business solutions according to the deliverable-based AOI Implementation Model!

AOI Advantage Data Preservation!

The ability to preserve existing data and leverage your current database design is achieved through cross-application integration. Cross-application integration is generally achieved through a combination of COM/DCOM/COM+/.NET programming technology.

AOI Experience

AOI has designed, coordinated and implemented multi-million dollar national projects for several fortune 500 sized organizations ranging from shipping, manufacturing, and billing; to NAFTA certification applications with installations from Mexico to Maine. Designed, constructed, stabilized and turned-over several database-centric (Access, MS SQL, Oracle, SAP) solutions with Bristol-Myers Squibb, General DataComm, General Electric and United Technologies. Designed and documented two different departmental Access-centric integration solutions with as many national insurance companies. Designed and implemented a GL consolidation adjusting-entry and financial reporting database for a local bank. Instrumental in the set-up of a major manufacturing line in Mexico. Conceptually designed and implemented several order management, customer service and inventory control database-centric business solutions and Internet sites.

Contact Information

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Mike Manzi
Telephone: 860-283-8868
Harwinton, CT 06791
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