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AOI Initial Look Phase Detail
Get started by capturing initial data with the!
AOI Project Background Look Form
AOI Initial Look Objective

To quickly outline the project, determine "Client-AOI-Fit" and secure authorization to advance to the AOI Scope Phase.

AOI Initial Look Deliverable

The AOI Initial Look Phase usually includes creating the AOI Initial Look Deliverable which begins to loosely outline the project requirements and desired functionality. This initial look documentation is used to quickly outline the project size, implementation time and cost. This initial documentation is further defined in the AOI Scope Phase. A phased database implementation methodology inherently minimizes risk!

AOI Initial Look Scenario

The AOI Initial Look Phase is relatively short and typically only involves several telecommunications (fax - Internet - mail - phone) and a few 'on-site' meetings over the course of 1-5 days. The Initial Look Schedule is used to schedule and record tasks associated with this phase.

AOI Initial Look Phase Contract Issues

The AOI Initial Look Phase is short and purely consultative in nature. Contract issues are kept to a minimum, aside from the standard pricing and confidentiality agreements.

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